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Mozzarella Monday

Mozzarella, la quercia prosciutto and tapenade on baguette 9
Eggplant involtini, mozzarella, romesco 9
Burrata, roasted asparagus, guanciale and hazelnuts 12
Spicy fried egg, melted mozzarella, harissa 9
Burrata, braised artichoke hearts, currants, and olive oil 11
Ricotta burrata, shaved fennel, olives 10
Burrata, pesto, tapenade, salsa romesco, caper-berry relish 11
Roasted kabocha, ricotta, currant relish, honey 9
Burrata, shallot confit, bacon, charred marinated escarole 11
Mozzarella, Armandino Bataliís assorted salumi 12
Stracciatella with celery herb salad and celery leaf pesto 12
Burrata and meatball sandwich on toasted semolina roll 12
Stuffed pasilla with ricotta, mozzarella and chive 12
Apple, bacon, burrata 11

Menus are subject to change without notice.
20% gratuity for parties of 6 and more.

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