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Roasted Leg of Heritage LambBegins Saturday, April 7 and continues nightly through Friday, April 13, 5 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.
Just in time for Passover week, Suzanne Tracht has designed a nightly special of her own Matzo Brie variations to celebrate the holiday. You don't need to be Jewish to love fried matzo! Tracht will riff on the traditional recipe with a different variation nightly, along with the traditional version.
Traditional Matzo Brie - $12
Variations on a Theme - $15
Matzo Brie with Five Spring Onion
Chilequilles Style
Matzo Brie with Pencil Asparagus, Burrata, Brown Butter
Matzo Brie with Roasted Shimeji Mushroom, Truffle Cheese and Salt
Matzo Brie with Roasted Apple and Vermont Maple Syrup
Matzo Brie Kimchi


SOVA, a Hebrew word meaning “eat and be satisfied,” is also the name of a community food and resourse program of Jewish Family Services dedicated to alleviating hunger and poverty in Los Angeles.

JAR sponsors events throughout the year to raise awareness, funds and food specifically for SOVA. To be on the mailing list or donate to SOVA please send an email to info@thejar.com.

Together neighbors make the difference!

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